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Monday, 5 June 2017

Here I am! A returning time traveller.  Sorry to have abandoned updates over the past 18 months but moved to a temporary project blog for 'WISP Warriors' (Wandsworth Interim School Project) and then updated my website and then slightly withdrew from social media/online updates.  Now looking to use my blog slightly more creatively, as a sketchbook of sculptural ideas with the odd tasty pic of places, people and projects.

NEW HOPE   NEW BEGINNINGS was originally going to be an Easter community engagement project, creating multiple soft personalised rings as a symbol of unity and shared endeavour, focusing on what 'hope' means to us as a community and as individuals (to counter the negativity and division fostered by events in 2016).

Once I started playing with materials, and reflecting on past practice, I realised that really I wanted to just make art of my own for a change and step back from engagement.  Claim a space for creative analysis and play (without any brief or funding criteria!). 

I have been developing proposals for a new body of work that will bring together key elements that I've used throughout my work (rather like devising a recipe), combining materials (hard/soft, transparent/perforated, textured/marked) in a process of layering using geometric forms. I aim to document the process photographically and hopefully work towards creating some relief panels, developing a new language that I can take into every aspect of my working practice, from public art to corporate commissions. 

So here we start ...